Come up with
"Come up with" has the same meaning as "think of." For example, if you say, "How did you come up with that?" It's the same as saying, "How did you think of that?" Therefore, "come up with" is usually used when you are talking about an idea. You can also use "come up with" to mean "make" or "produce" something that is needed.
Key Point1
come up with
Where did you come up with that?
Where did you think of that?
Examples and Tips
The idea you came up with is great!
Key Point2
come up with
You can come up with an extra key.
You can find or make an extra key. Here it sounds like a key is needed, so you should find another key or make another one.
Examples and Tips
Come up with a plan.
You better come up with a better idea.
Key Point3
come up with
I need to come up with a great idea.

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