Dynamic global Business English content featuring executives from the United States
Dynamic global Business English content
featuring executives from the United States.
1.Learn from American executives
Improve your English skills as well as your knowledge of professional business fields by watching interviews of executives from the United States.
Lectures of
other companies
Lectures from
non-native tutors
Lectures from
BeNative Pro
Huge database of lecture
videos based on
American professionals
speaking about
real business situations
2.The most commonly used phrases
and vocabulary for business
Practice your conversation skills by learning basic patterns you can use every day.
Key sentence patterns
Key sentence patterns
3.Learn the most modern expressions
and idioms
Improve your business English by learning the most authentic English idioms and expressions used in the real business world.
Master ambiguous patterns and idioms
We give you the most recent
and useful business English
expressions and idioms to
help you develop your business skills.
4.English for business situations
Learn how to communicate in business situations such as meetings, presentations, in the office, on the phone, and networking events.
English for business situations
5.English for business traveling
Traveling for business is a great way to practice your English in real situations. Our lessons will help you in travel situations like at hotels, restaurants, shops, and more.
English for business travel situations
6.Detailed lectures from native instructors
BeNative provides a lecture from a native instructor for each lesson. These valuable lectures will give grammar and cultural tips and a greater understanding of all the lessons.
Each lesson comes with a detailed lecture from a native instructor
Real-Business Video
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publishing in-house
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